For many people, one of the big problems in their lives is having too many things. I’ve seen this personally, as the people you love work tirelessly to organize everything while dealing with the many tasks they have. Oftentimes they feel like they are underwater, struggling to get to the surface, to the promised land of mental peace. They are sick of falling over their boxes, hoping to get those extra things out of their hair so they can focus on what is important to them.

It can be really difficult to know what to do in this situation. After some thought, I think there are five main solutions to the problem of having too many things:

  • Store them in SuiteLocker/Self-storage
  • Sell them on Craigslist/Facebook marketplace
  • Have a Rummage sale
  • Donate the extra things to:
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Charity (such as your local thrift store)
  • Throw them away. Not the best option if someone else could make use the item later, but cheaper than storage.

Store them in SuiteLocker/Self-storage


Storing things is probably the quickest and easiest option on this list. It requires little thought, you can just throw things in boxes, drive them nearby to a self-storage facility which is reasonably priced relative to your house or apartment (actually much cheaper per square foot than housing space). You can buy them in many sizes and they even have options for storing vehicles or boats in them.


Your other option is using SuiteLocker, which was launched to include all the benefits of self-storage, plus: You are helping a member of your community better utilize the space they have and help pay their mortgage Many events can happen to people that are out of their control: losing their job, unexpected medical expenses, a divorce, or the death of a spouse. You can help people in this difficult time by buying their space It’s much more flexible, you can get space for days instead of months. You only pay for what you use, which can add up to big savings. As your sort through your things, you can downgrade to a smaller space. We’re adding the option to pick up packages at some Spaces. You can get your Amazon packages delivered while you are on vacation or on business. People who host a space and are home during the day can help ease your worry. Businesses can store their eCommerce inventory for exactly the time they need it and can buy as much or as little space as they need

Sell them on Craigslist/Facebook marketplace/Ebay

Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and Ebay have made it much easier to sell things you are no longer using. The hardest part here is probably finding a price and meeting the person (either at your home or going somewhere, but for certain items it can definitely be worth it!).

Host a Garage Sale

Garage Sales/rummage sales are great ways to sell a lot of things you need to sell, but they are a lot of work to set up and work the best during summer (when the weather is nice) and in a high traffic area (so people see your signs). If you’ve never tried one, it can be a great experience meeting a lot of people and cleaning out your house (and earn you some extra money!)

The only worry here is rules your community or city might have about garage sales. Check with them first before running your sale, as they might have specific rules you need to follow.


If you can’t think of things to talk with your family about over the holidays or want to change the subject from politics and religion, you can offer to give you family things they might need! They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll be helping them save some money (and you’ll save on space and storage!).


You probably see your friends often, the next time they stop over you can tell them you want to get rid of something and ask if they want it. They will appreciate you thinking about them!


For donating items to certain charities you can save on taxes! Great options which take a lot of miscellaneous goods are charities that run thrift stores (or secondhand stores). This can be a great way to get rid of the things you don’t need and not only save on storage but save on your taxes in April. You can make your tax return a little bit sweeter, and help a good cause as well!


The last option for your clutter will help keep your local garbagemen (or garbageman + robot) employed by throwing out your items for the next garbage collection. Your items will be out of your hands and you’ll get to enjoy more of your space. It’s always sad to throw something away, but given the difficulties of finding a good use for it otherwise, it can be the only option.

The Journey Begins

It can be very daunting going through and dealing with items you care about. Hopefully this article gives you some ideas for what you can do with your items. Even though we run SuiteLocker, we care about helping you find the best use for your things and hope you don’t have to use our services forever! You can subscribe to our blog to hear more about us and get ideas for how to use our service and how to solve your clutter problems. When you become an expert at cleaning out your space, you can sell your space on SuiteLocker so others can enjoy starting on the journey you’ve mastered.

Good luck! We’ll be here for you along the way! If you have any questions you can contact us!

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